As part of Dr. Indranil Gupta’s CS 525 Spring 2011 Advanced Distributed Systems class, he has collected an incredible list of resources on distributed systems. His research groupis also doing some interesting work. The various topics include: Before there Were Clouds, Cloud Computing, P2P Systems, Basic Distributed Computing Concepts, Sensor Networks, Overlays and DHTs, Cloud Programming, Cloud Scheduling, Key-Value Stores, Storage, Sensor Net Routing, Geo-Distribution, P2P Apps, In-network processing, Epidemics, Probabilistic Membership Protocols, Distributed Monitoring and  Management, Publish-Subscribe/CDNs, Measurement Studies, Old Wine: Stale or Vintage?, In Byzantium, Cloud Pricing, Other Industrial Systems, Structure of Networks, Completing the Circle, Green Clouds, Distributed Debugging, Flash!, The Middle or the End?, Availability-Aware Systems, Design Methodologies, Handling Stress, Sources of unreliability in networks, Handling Stress, Selfish algorithms, Security, Economic Theory, The future of sensor nets?, The End-to-End Approach, Automatic Computing and Inference, Caching, Classical Algorithms, Topology and Naming, Practical theory perspectives, Modular Systems. That’s just the list of topics! For every topic there’s the slide deck used to teach the class, a main list of papers and a second list of optional papers. So there’s a lot to choose from. Happy reading! If any of the papers really stand out for you, please share. Related Articles Advanced Distributed SystemsSpring 2011 

Awesome List Of Advanced Distributed Systems Papers


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